The Reliance Rx difference

The Reliance Rx difference

Making it easier

Using innovative online tools - Reliance Rx Connect - and a more intuitive approach, we are able to simplify the prior authorization process and make it easier to care for your patients. Some key features you'll be able to take advantage of include:

  • A streamlined renewal process.
  • The ability to review patient care notes online.
  • Safeguards that limit errors that can slow down utilization review.
  • Ability to bypass prior authorization for certain compliant physicians and for specific specialty drugs.

Making it quicker

Reliance Rx expedites the filling of prescriptions for high-tech, high-touch drugs. These are drugs typically developed for people living with respiratory disorders, cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and a variety of other diseases that require special handling, administration, patient education and clinical support.

When it comes to delivery, we can send patients' specialty medications anywhere, and on time. Reliance Rx provides:

  • Free, confidential delivery to one's home, doctor's office or any other location of choice.
  • Safe, fast delivery tracked through online tracking tools.
  • Refrigerated, insulated packaging to ensure quality.
  • Free standard supplies for self-injectable medications including needles, syringes, adhesive bandages, alcohol swabs and Sharps containers.
  • Proactive refills through the Active Refill Service, so patients don't have to think about their next order.
  • A range of complimentary educational materials.
  • Coordination of home health care services, if necessary.

Making it personal

When it comes to caring for your patient, you're not alone. At Reliance Rx, we work hard to ensure greater patient compliance and, in turn, maximum clinical outcomes by:

  • Providing detailed personal instructions on how to use medications.
  • Monitoring patients' treatment with follow-up calls to see how they're doing - making sure they're getting the most appropriate quality of care.
  • Continuing to build upon our strong relationships with health care professionals and caregivers in order to coordinate care and provide a more seamless exchange of information and delivery of medications - helping us to keep better track of patients' health and specialty drug needs.
  • Having our dedicated team of registered nurses, pharmacists and patient support representatives available to answer any questions or concerns.

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