About Reliance Rx

At Reliance Rx, we are passionately committed to the specialty pharmacy needs of our customers - patients and health care professionals alike. As a patient, you can expect to receive the right specialty pharmaceuticals, at the right place, at the right time. As a partnering health care professional, we'll help you fulfill the needs of your patients with ease and efficiency - because that's how providing care should be.

Through enhanced communication between physicians, patients and our specialty pharmacy, we aim to achieve maximum therapy adherence and clinical outcomes. And with the implementation of innovative ideas and technologies, we help make it easy to get patients the care they need by simplifying processes like ordering refills, and getting prior authorizations for our health care professionals.

Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, we offer a specialty pharmacy that's readily available to fill prescriptions and directly manage distribution and care coordination - resulting in greater efficiency, lower costs and improved service for these complex products.

At Reliance Rx, providing the best possible care drives everything we do - from a truly personalized experience, to the effective delivery of specialty pharmacy services. What's more, it's all done with the support of a dedicated team of people you can trust, and a partnership you can rely on.